How to play, characters, jumpscares, and more for Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends is a horror game on Roblox that, like Piggy, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime, and others, takes something that seems warm and welcoming and transforms it into a frightening nightmare. With approximately 100 million visits accounted for by the frightful pals, it’s also a well-liked concept and one of the more distinctive games Roblox offer. If you’re seeking every monster from the rainbow friends video game, we’ve tracked down the bizarre characters at the theme park and shown you where to find them

Like the FNAF games, Roblox’s Rainbow Friends takes place over five nights, and each night has a unique mission you must complete while avoiding the colourful monstrosities. There is a method to get through the week, even though the cost of failing any of these chores is high—especially when you consider that you act like a young child on a field trip.

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How do Rainbow Friends work?

In Rainbow Friends, you take on the role of an anonymous youngster on a field trip with his class to Odd World, an amusement park. You must endure five nights in the weird environment where no other living thing saves you and the Rainbow Friends after being captured (if you can call them life).

The game is comparable to later FNAF games and well-known Slenderman-like horror adventures in which you must finish mini-quests inside a map populated with nightmare-inducing characters. That means Rainbow Friends with jumpscares, and the developer frequently adds new ways to trigger them.

What are the rules for Rainbow Friends?

The Rainbow Friends cast

  • Blue, a member of the Rainbow Friends, is pursuing the player Blue. Bright Friend
  • The Blue Rainbow Friends pose a hazard since they constantly patrol the area in search of misplaced kids. Blue can only be avoided by slipping into a box or a locker.
  • The Orange Rainbow Friend partially closed its jaw before opening it wide to kill the Orange Rainbow Friend figure.
  • The Green-Rainbow Friend is a child-hungry creature with its tongue out.
  • Since Green is one of the more difficult Rainbow Friends to avoid because they are constantly on patrol and also blind, it is to make as little noise as can.
  • Under OddWorld Purple Rainbow Friend, the Purple Rainbow Friend emerges from the vents.

Friend the Red Rainbow

Red shouldn’t be a concern for you, at least not in the Rainbow Friends edition, as they are benign. Red isn’t one of the Rainbow Friends characters you’ll encounter, at least not until much later in the game, but they’re the ones you want to run into the most.

Jumpscares Rainbow Friends

Numerous compilations of the Rainbow Friends jumpscares are available if you want to avoid having Odd World and its terrible denizens. Legions of YouTubers have already found all the Rainbow Friends jumpscares. You can watch our favourite below, along with all the currently accessible Jumpscares, at your convenience.

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