Learn About How to Play Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends is a well-known game released in November 2021. Since its inception, the game has taken the world by storm, with over 1 billion visits. The rainbow friends has incredibly fascinating and interactive aspects, also distinct characters.

What are Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends is a well-known game that provides both a terrifying and fun experience. The Rainbow FriendsΒ is not an age-restricted game because it gives enormous joy and excitement to individuals of all ages. Furthermore, there are no hard and fast rules for playing this game.

First Round

During the first round of the game, a cinematic plays. The scenario depicts a bus carrying gamers on their way to Oddworld. Due to an unknown figure, the bus abruptly deviates and crashes near a bio-hazardous location. The mysterious power assigns each player a task. Their task is to gather 24 blocks and return them to the Theatre. The players are guided to the Theatre by blue arrows. They must fulfil the assignment while avoiding the Blue monster, and you may evade the Blue monster by pressing B and hiding in a box. You may also crouch by pressing C. When all 24 cartons are collected, a cutscene of the Green Giant appears.

Second Round

In the second round of the game, players must collect 15 food backs and deliver them to the Theatre’s food machine. While executing the mission, they must avoid the Green Monster’s path. When the players finish the assigned cinematic show, the Orange monster’s hand grabs food from the food machine.

Third Round

The final round requires the players to locate 14 fuses and enter them into a mechanism in the Theatre. While gathering fuses, they must also protect themselves from the frightening Orange and Purple beasts. The lights go out due to a weakness in the system when the players collect. And insert all 14 fuses into the machine. The third round is over since the equipment malfunctioned.. The players must locate nine batteries for the generator to reactivate the lights. This round’s participants carry torches as they seek batteries through the dark corridors.

Fourth Round

In the fourth round of the game, the players must locate nine batteries for the generator to reactivate the lights. In this round, all the players get to carry torches as they seek batteries down the dark paths. When all nine batteries are collected, the mystery individual announces a party and tells the players they get liberated.

Fifth Round

A red balloon pops during the festivities, putting the Blue monster to sleep. The players must navigate their way to the escape door while evading the Blue Giant. A green balloon pops when the players enter the exit door. As a result, a Blue monster appears and begins hunting the players. When the players successfully exit the vent and crouch behind a fence, the door collapses and crushes the Blue monster. The Blue Monster is damaged and returns to the vent. A cutscene of Red appears on the screen at this point. The Red Giant acknowledges being a mystery character and admits to misjudging the players.

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